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New report on identifying and mapping old-growth forest in Victoria

Save Goolengook Inc has recently published a report titled Defining, Identifying and Protecting Old-growth Forest in Victoria, by Trevor Poulton.
Click here to view the report (5M). Click here for Word version (27M)


VEAC Goolengook investigation

This website has been established to promote community involvement in the current investigation into Goolengook forest being held by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, and to provide access to useful references that may assist individuals and organisations in making submissions.

Click here to view Save Goolengook Inc's August 2006 submission.

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) is a group of independent scientists who are directed by the Victorian Government to investigate matters of environmental importance and make recommendations on land use.  VEAC will look at the potential to protect Goolengook by adding it to the adjoining Errinundra National Park. The investigation commenced in December 2005. 

The VEAC investigation presents an unprecedented opportunity to see Goolengook’s ancient forests protected for future generations.  The issues presented on micro-scale in Goolengook are common to many old-growth and high conservation value forests across Victoria. Save Goolengook Inc hopes the VEAC Goolengook process will provide a valuable model for independent assessment of the broader issue of logging in old-growth and high conservation value forests across Victoria.


Fort Goolengook. Photo: Trevor Poulton
Protest camp blocking logging road until 2002.

Goolengook: Victoria's old-growth forests under threat                                                                                                
Goolengook is a spectacular old-growth forest in East Gippsland, Victoria that is home to several species of threatened plants and animals. The slender tree-fern, long-footed potoroo and spot-tailed quoll are just a few of the species that make Goolengook an invaluable environmental asset. Successive Victorian governments have refused to protect Goolengook as National Park, and the forest remains under threat from clear-fell logging.  

The community campaign for Goolengook’s protection has spanned nearly a decade and has involved scores of organisations and thousands of individuals. Since 1996 volunteers have conducted flora and fauna surveys, community awareness raising, protesting and forest blockades to save Goolengook.  ‘Direct action’ has been central to the successes of the campaign, including protests and permanent blockades to halt logging, as well as demonstrations and rallies.  The fight for Goolengook’s protection has been almost entirely led by unpaid community members in East Gippsland and in Melbourne, and has strong support from a diversity of non-government environment and community groups.  Click here to view the Common Position Statement between over 30 environmental and community organisations calling for an end to logging in Goolengook.

Logging was halted in 2002 until the completion of a scientific investigation into Goolengook.

Goolengook River. Photo: Tony Hastings