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Defining, Identifying and Protecting Old-growth forest in Victoria (5M) by Trevor Poulton. Click here for Word version (27M)

The Victorian state Labor government is logging old-growth forest at an alarming rate, with over 44,200 hectares of old-growth forest logged since signing the Regional Forest Agreements (1997-2000). Victoria’s Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative (CAR) Reserve System is comprised of many fragments of old-growth and high conservation value forests standing in a sea of industrial logging zones, with limited vision for connectivity between the protected areas including effective wildlife corridors. The CAR Reserve System fails to meet the government's stated objectives.

This report presents a literary review of the Victorian state government’s old-growth forest studies which were conducted by the government to map old-growth forest. The report is intended to assist members of the community seeking a basic understanding of the term ‘old-growth forest’ and how it has been identified by the state government in the field. The report is also intended to encourage the state government to develop appropriate and transparent methodologies for identifying and monitoring old-growth forest.

Submission to the VEAC Goolengook Investigation (150K) by Save Goolengook Inc, August 2006

Goolengook National Park Proposal 2004 (6M) by Andrew Picone

A review of existing information, report on new biological information and recommendations for conservation.

Common Position Statement on Goolengook by environment and community groups 2002

Letter to VEAC on the final Terms of Reference (1M) for the Goolengook investigation and the Minister's request for no net deterioration in timber production capacity. Save Goolengook Inc. April 2006

Submission to the Code of Forest Practice review- submission to the Dept. Sustainability & Environment by Save Goolengook Inc. June 2006

VEAC Goolengook Information Booklet (2M) Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, June 2006


Example submissions to the VEAC Goolengook investigation:

John Fraser June 2006

Tony Hastings (2.5M) June 2006